Index Lyrics

 Index ini berisi daftar lirik yang sudah di posting dan dibuat untuk mempermudah pencarian lirik berdasarkan nama penyanyi. (jika ingin lebih singkat buka kolom find (tekan ctrl+f ) lalu masukkan kata kunci).

*Mohon pemberitahuannya jika ada broken links. Terima kasih.*


15& – I Dream
15& – Rain & Cry
2AM – I Wonder If You Are Hurt Like Me (너도 나처럼)
2AM –  죽어도 보내 I can’t Let You Go Even if I Die
2AM – One Spring Day
2AM – Regret
2ne1 – Come Back Home
2ne1 – Can’t Nobody
2Ne1 – Falling in Love
2Ne1 – I Love You
2Ne1 – It’s Hurt
2Ne1 – Lonely
4Men – Love is (OST Oh My Lady)
4Men – Only You (OST Gu Family Book)
4Men – Propose Song
4Men ft Davichi – Can I Love Again
4Men ft Mi – Crush
4Men ft Mi – Here I Am
4Men ft Mi – I Can’t
4minute – Cold Rain


A pink –  Bubibu 부비부
A pink – Good Morning Baby
A pink – Fairytale love
A pink – Lovely day
A pink – LUV
A pink – Mr Chu
A pink – My My
A pink – No no no
A pink – Secret
A pink – Secret Garden
A pink – U You
After School – Shampoo
Ailee – Ice Flower (OST Queen of Ambition)
Ailee – Love Note (OST Full House Take two)
AKMU – 200%
AKMU – Little Star
AKMU – Melted
Ali – Hurt (OST Rooftop Prince
AOA – Like A Cat
AOA – Short Hair
Apple Manggo – I Love You, I Want You, I Need You
As One – Day by Day (1999 ver.)
As One – Hope 소망 
As One ft EZ life – Lovin’ Ice Cream (OST Lie To Me)
As One ft Lee Donghae Super Junior – Only You
As One ft Verbal Jint – Day by Day (2012 ver.)


B1A4 – Baby Goodnight
B1A4 – Lonely
B1A4 – OK
B1A4 – Only Learn The Bad Things
B1A4 – Only One
B1A4 – Try to Walk
Baechigi ft Ailee – Shower of Tears
Baek Ah Yeon – Daddy Long Legs (OST Cheongdamdong Alice)
Baek Ji Young – 한참 지내서 After Long Time (OST Rooftop Prince)
Baek Ji Young – Don’t Forget (OST Iris)
Baek Ji Young – Fervor
Baek Ji Young – Hate
Baek Ji Young – I Love You Today (OST The Princess’s Man)
Baek Ji Young – It Hurts Here (OST Thousand Days Promise)
Baek Ji Young – Love and Love (OST Arang and The Magistrate)
Baek Ji Young – Spring Rain (Gu Family Book OST)
Baek Ji Young – Still in Love 
Baek Ji Young ft Gary (Leessang) – Voice
Baek Ji Young ft Taecyeon – Ear Candy
Bang Yongguk ft Daehyun – I Remember
B.A.P – Goodbye
B.A.P – Hurricane
B.A.P – It’s A Lie
B.A.P – One Shot
B.A.P – No Mercy
B.A.P – Rain Sound
B.A.P – Stop It
B.A.P – Unbreakable
B.A.P – Voice Message
B.A.P – What My Heart Tells Me to do
B.A.P  – 어디니? 뭐하니? 
Be Sweet – Word Saying I’m Sad 슬프다는 말
Beast – 12:30
Beast – Beautiful
Beast – Because of You (OST My Princess)
Beast – Black Paradise (OST Iris II)
Beast – Hateful Person (OST Big)
Beast – On Rainy Days
Beast – ShadowBeast –  Should I Hug or Not
Beast – When I Miss You
Beast – Will you be allright
Ben – You (OST Healer)
BigBang – Blue
BigBang – Fantastic Baby
BigBang – Haru-haru
BigBang – I Don’t Understand
BigBang – Lies
BigBang – Love song
BigBang – Stupid Liar
BoA – Between heaven and hell (OST Shark)
BoA – Disturbances
BoA – Hurricane Venus
BoA – I’m OK
BoA – Implode
BoA – Key of Heart (Korean Version)
BoA – Only One
BoA – 한 사람 My Only One (OST Paradise Ranch)
BoA – The Shadow
BoA ft Henry Suju & Key Shinee – One Dream
Boyfriend – Don’t Touch My Girl
Boyfriend – I’ll be There
Boyfriend – IYAH
BtoB – Lover Boy / I Don’t Know Anything But Love
BtoB – Second Confession
BtoB – The Winter’s Tale |
BtoB – You can cry
BTS – Coffee
Busker Busker – Cherry Blossom Ending
Byul ft Kan Jong Wook — 빈털터리 Bint’eolt’eori (OST Gloria)
Byul – I Think I (OST Full House)
Byul – You’re The Best
Byul ft Kwon Jung Yeol – So Cute
Byul ft Shorry J (mighty mouth) – Reminds of You (OST I miss You)


C-Clown – Shaking Heart
Changmin 2AM & Jinwoon – Can’t I Love You (OST Dream High)
Changmin 2AM ft Melody Day – The Very Last First
Chocolat – One More Day
Choi Jin Hyuk – Enough to Die (OST It’s OK Daddy’s Girl)
CN BLUE – Can’t Stop
CN BLUE – Don’t Say Goodbye
CN BLUE – I don’t Know Why
CN BLUE – I’m Sorry
CN BlUE – Intuition
CN BLUE – I’m Loner  
CN BLUE – L.O.V.E Girl
CN BLUE – Love
CN BLUE – Love in The Rain


Davichi – Cry Again 
Davichi – Do Men Cry (남자도 우나요?)
Davichi – Don’t You Know (OST Iris II)
Davichi – Because It’s You (OST Big)
Davichi – Sad Love Song
Davichi – Sad Promise
Davichi – Sorry I’m Happy 
Davichi – Starry Night
Davichi – To Angel (OST Love Request)
Davichi – Turtle
Davichi & T-ara – 우리 사랑했잖아 (We Were In Love)
Davichi ft 2BiC – If it’s Like Tonight
Davichi ft Verbal Jint – Be Warmed
DBSK – Catch Me
DBSK – Keep Your Head Down
DBSK – Magic Castle


Eru ft Junhyung B2ST – I Hate You
Esna – Biting my lips (OST The heirs)
EunHyuk ft DongHae – I Wanna Love You
EXO-K – Angel
EXO-K – Heart Attack
EXO-K – History
EXO – 365
EXO – Baby Don’t Cry
EXO – December 2014 (The Winter’s tale)
EXO – Don’t Go
EXO – Growl
EXO – Mama
EXO – Miracles in December
EXO – Overdose 
EXO – Peter Pan
EXO – Two Moons
EXO – Wolf


f(x) – Beautiful Goodbye
f(x) – Electric Shock

f(x) – Hot Summer
f(x) – Pinocchio (Danger)
f(x) – You Are Hiding A Secret (OST Paradise Ranch)
Fat Cat – Is Being Pretty Everything
Fat Cat – It’s Like a Dream
Fly to The Sky – Even If it Hurts  가슴 아파도
FT Island – After Love
FT Island – Sad Promise
FT Island – The Angel And The Wood Cutter 천사와 나무꾼
FT Island – Tears are Falling


Gain ft JoKwon 2AM – We Fell in Love
G Dragon – That XX
G Dragon ft Kim Yuna – Missing U
G Dragon ft TOP – Baby Goodnight
Girls Day – Cupid (OST City Hunter)
Girls Day – Darling
Girls Day – I miss You
G.Na – Already Miss You
G.Na – 내 사람이라서 (Because My Man) OST The Greatest Love
G.Na – 싫어 I hate You
G.NA – Let Me Kiss You ( 키스해줄래 ) (OST Playful Kiss)
G.Na – Without You
G.Na ft IlHoon BtoB – Oops
G.Na ft Rain – 애인이 생기면 하고 싶은 일 (The things once I want to do if I have a lover)
G.Na ft Wheesung – 처음 뵙겠습니다 (Choeum Boepgesseumnida/Nice to Meet You)
Geeks – Officially Missing You
Geeks ft Soyu Sistar – Officially Missing You, Too


Hari (하리) – 귀요미송 Cutie Song
Henry ft Taemin & Kyuhyun – Trap
Heo Gak – The Person Who Once Loved Me
Heora – Under The Moonlight (OST The Moon That Embraces The Sun)
HershE (Hyorin, Jiyeon, Ailee) – Super Star (OST Dream High 2)
Howl – Have I Told You (OST Playful Kiss)
Howl – Parrot 앵무새
Huhgak – Tear like today
Huhgak ft Eunji – Short Hair
Hyorin Sistar – I choose to love you 널 사랑하겠어
Hyorin – Hello Goodbye (OST You who come from star)
Hyorin ft Juyeong – Erase
Hyuna (4minute) ft Hyunseung (B2st) – Trouble Maker
Hyunbin – That Man


In Soo Ni – A Goose’s Dream (OST Dream High & Beethove Virus)
Infinite – Can You Smile
Infinite – Destiny
Infinite – Last Romeo
Infinite – Man in Love|
Infinite – Only Tears
Infinite – The Chaser
Infinite – With
Infinite H ft Baby Soul – Fly High
Infinite H ft Bumkey – Special Girl
IU – A Lost Puppy
IU – Child Searching for A Star
IU – Every End of Day
IU – Everything’s Alright
IU – Mia
IU – My Old Story
IU – Peach
IU – Secret 비밀
IU feat. Yunsang – 잠자는 숲 속의 왕자 (Sleeping Beauty)
IU – Someday (OST Dream High)
IU – The Red Shoes
IU – 삼천 (Uncle)
IU – Waiting (OST Dream High)
IU – Wallpaper Design
IU – Wind  (OST The Great Queen Seondeok)
IU – Wisdom Tooth (사랑니)
IU – You And I 너랑 나
IU ft Seulong – Nagging


j rabbit – If You Love Me (OST OPeration proposal)
J ft Lee Jung  – With Tears
J-Min – Stand Up 이러나 (OST To Beautiful You)
JaeJoong JYJ – 너에겐 이 나에겐 기다림 (OST Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
JaeJoong JYJ – I’ll Protect You (OST Protect The Boss)
Jang Geun Seuk ft Hyorin – Magic Drag
Jang Nara – I only think of you 너만 생각나
Jang Nara – Orange Tree (OST Baby Faced Beauty)
Jang Nara – Snowman in May (OST baby Faced Beauty)
Jang Nara – Witch Begins The Trip 마녀 여행을 떠나다 (OST Baby Faced Beauty)
Jay Park – Happy Ending (OST Rooftop Prince)
Jaycade – Perhaps (OST Stars Falling from The SKy)
Jessica SNSD – Heart Road (OST The Great King’s Dream)
Jessica SNSD – That One Person, You 그대라는 한 사람  (OST Dating Cyrano Agency)
Jessica SNSD – Unstoppable Tears (OST Romance Town)
Jessica SNSD ft Krystal f(x) – Buterfly (OST To Beautiful You)
Jessica SNSD ft Onew Shinee – One Year Later
Ji Chang Wook – I’ll Protect You (OST Healer)
Ji Eun Secret – It’s Cold (OST Take care of us Captain)
Jinwoon – The Starlight is Falling (OST Dream High 2)
Jinwoon ft Jiyeon – Romeo Juliet
Jiyoung KARA – Wanna do
Ji Yeon t-ara – Day by Day 하루하루 (OST Dream High 2)
Jisun – Crazy In Love (OST Shining Inheritance/ Brilliant Legacy)
JOO ft Leeteuk – Ice Cream 아이스 크림 
JOO, Suzy, Taecyeon, Kim Soo Hyun, Wooyoung – Dream High (OST Dream High)
Jo Sumi – If we love (OST The lost empire)
Jung Eunji – It’s You (OST Three days)
Jung Ha Yun – You are My Everything (OST Secret Garden)
Jung Yeop – Nothing Happened 아무일도 없었다 (OST 49 Days)
Jung Yonghwa – Banmal Song
Jung Yong Hwa CN BLUE – 그리워서  I Miss You (OST You’ve Fallen For Me)
Jung Yonghwa – 넌 내게 반했어 You’ve Fallen For Me (OST You’ve Fallen For Me)
Jung Yonghwa – One Fine Day
Juniel – Bad Man
Juniel – Illa Illa
Juniel – Pretty Boy
Juniel ft Jonghyun CN BLUE – Love Fall
Juniel ft Jung Yonghwa – Fool
Junsu (Xiah) JYJ – Love is Like Snowflake (OST Nice Guy)
Junsu (Xiah) JYJ – Too Love (OST Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
Junsu (Xiah) JYJ – You are So Beautiful (OST Scent of a Woman)
JYJ – Found You 찾았다 (OST Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
JYJ – Get Out
JYJ – In Heaven
JYJ – Only One (2014 Incheon Asian Games Theme song)
JYP – Falling (OST Dream High 2)
JYP, Suzy, Wooyoung, Taecyeon – Classic


K.Will – 오늘붙어 1일  Day 1
K.Will – I Hate Myself
K.Will – I Need You 니가필요해
K.Will –  Like A star (OST You who come from a star)
K.Will – Love Blossom
K.Will – Love is Crying (OST King of Two Hearts)
K.Will – Please Don’t
K.Will – Real Love Song (OST The Greatest Love)
K.WIll – The Only Person (OST Pinocchio)
K.Will- You Don’t Know Love
K.Will ft Eun Ji Won – Present
Kang Min Hyuk CN BLUE – Star (OST You’ve Fallen For Me)
Kara – Pandora
Kevin U-KISS – My Reason
Kilgu Bonggu – Shine 비춰줄께 (OST Rooftop Prince)
Kim Bum Soo – Like a Fool to Me 바보같은내게
Kim Bum Soo ft Lena Park – White Winter
Kim Bum Soo ft Park Sun Joo – Man and Woman
Kim Bo Kyung – Don’t Think You’re Alone (OST School 2013)
Kim Bo Kyung – Suddenly (OST City Hunter)
Kim Hyun Joong – One more Time (OST Playful Kiss)
Kim Hyun Joong ft All Star – Can it be love
Kim Jang Hoon – If you were like me
Kim Jongseo – Beautiful Restriction
Kim So Jung – You Have Come (OST Queen Inhyun’s Man)
Kim Soo Hyun – Dreaming (OST Dream High)
Kim Soo Hyun – In Front of Your House (OST You are who came from the stars)
Kim Tae Woo – High High (OST A Gentleman’s Dignity)
Kim Ye Seul – Can I Close To You (OST Still Marry Me)
Kim Yeon Ji – In my eyes (OST I hear your voice)
Kiss – Because I’m a Girl
Kona – Witch Begins The Trip 마녀 여행을 떠나다 (OST Baby Faced Beauty
KyuHyun Super Junior – 7 Years of Love
KyuHyun Super Junior – At Gwanghamun
KyuHyun Super Junior – Hope That Dream is Never Sleep (OST Baker King)
KyuHyun Super Junior – Just Once (OST The Great Seer)
KyuHyun Super Junior – Listen To You (OST Pasta)Kyuhyun – Study of Memory
Kyuhyun – The Way to Break Up
Kyuhyun ft Luna – Shine your way (OST The Croods)
Kyuhyun ft Seohyun – T플 커플 송 (T’ple Couple Song)
KyuHyun Super Junior ft Tiffany SNSD – To Beautiful You (OST To Beautiful You)


LC9 – This Ugly Man (OST Can We Love)
LED Apple – Let The Wind Blow
LED Apple – Sadness
LED Apple – Times Up
Lee Boram Seeya – Geudae Jigeum/ 처음 그 자리에/ The place where we first met (OST Full House)
Lee DongHae Super Junior – Gajima (OST Miss Panda and Hedgehog)
Lee Hi – Rose
Lee Hyun – My Heartache
Lee Ki Chan – Pain of Hope (OST Dream High 2)

Lee Minho – My Everything
Lee Sanggon – Love is Hurt (OST Gu Family Book)
Lee Seung Chul – Keu Saram  (OST Baker King)
Lee Seung Chul – My Love
Lee Seung Gi – Last Word (OST Gu Family Book)
Lee Seung Gi – Let’s Break Up
Lee Seung Gi – Losing My Mind (OST MY Girlfriend is a Gumiho)
Lee Seung Gi – Return
Lee Seung Gi ft Bizniz – Will You Marry Me (OST Shining Inheritance/ Brilliant Legacy)
Lee Seung Gi ft ra.D. – Alone In Love (여내시대)
Lee Yoon Ji – First Love (OST King of Two Hearts)
Lena Park – My WIsh (OST The Heirs)
Lim Chang Jung – Marry Me
Lim Jae Bum – For You
Lovelyz – Goodnight like yesterday
Lim Jeong Hee – Scent of a flower (OST Emergency Couple)
Lim Kim – Happy Me (OST Reply 1994)
Luna ft Krystal f(x) – Calling Out (OST Cinderella’s Sister)
Luna ft Krystal f(x) – You Are My Destiny
Lyn – Break in Time (OST The Moon that Embraces  The Sun)


M2M – This is Really Goodbye (OST Lie to Me)
M Signal – 모르나 봐 I don’t Know (OST You’ve Fallen For Me)
Mamamoo – Love Lane (OST MArriage not dating)
Mamamoo – Piano Man
Megan Lee – Ready for Love (OST Fated to love you)
Melody Day – Like Back Then (OST My Daughter Seoyoung)
Melody Day – Listen to my heart (OST Tomorrow Cantabile)
Milktea – Ramyeon King (라면 왕)
Milktea – Shy Confession 수줍은 고백 송 (OST Love Rain)
Min Miss A – Living like a fool (OST Bachelor’s vegetable store)
Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl
Miss A – Blankly
Miss A – Goodbye Baby
Miss A – Hush
Miss A – I don’t need a man
MBLAQ – It’s War
Mr.Children – Summer Dream (OST Mr. Idol)

Na Yoon Kwon – 바보랍니다  (OST It’s OK Daddy’s Girl)
Na Yoon Kwon – Love is Like Rain (OST Love Rain)
Navi – Neukkimi Wa 느낌이 와 (OST 49 Days)
NS Yoon-G ft Jaypark – If You Love Me

Onew Shinee – In Your Eyes (OST To Beautiful You)
Orange Caramel – Love Does Not Wait


Park Bo ram, Lee bo ram, Kim Seo Jeong – Dugeun Dugeun 두근두근 (OST PLayful Kiss)
Park Bo Young – My Prince (OST Werewolf Boy)
Park Hong – Look at me (OST My girl friend is gumiho)
Park Hyo Shin – 해줄수 없는 일 Things I Can’t do fo you
Park Shin Hye – Lovely Day (OST You’re Beautiful)
Park Shin Hye – The Day You Fall In Love (OST You’ve Falle For Me)
Park Shin Hye – Without Word (OST You’re Beautiful)
Pink Toniq – Try Again (OST Playful Kiss)



Run – 널 부른다 Neol Pureunda (OST Playful Kiss) 
Rain – 부산 여자 Busan Yeoja
Roy Kim – Bom Bom Bom
Ryeowook – If I Love You More (더 사랑한다면) (OST Spy Myungwol)
Ryeowook Super Junior – Maybe Tomorrow (OST Queen’s Classroom)
Ryeowook Super Junior – One Fine Spring Day
Ryeowook ft Beige – Falling in Love With A Friend
Ryu – My Memory (OST Winter Sonata)


Sandeul B1A4 – Crash
Se7en – Thank you

Secret – Talk That
Seeya, Davichi, t-ara – Wonder Woman
Se0 In Guk – Bomtanaba
Seo In Guk – Finding My Self (OST High School King)
Seo In Guk ft Eunji A pink – All For You (OST Reply 1997)
Seo In Guk ft Eunji A pink – Still Our Love Continue (OST Reply 1997)
Seo Young Eun – Can’t Forget You (OST 49 days)
Seohyun SNSD – I’ll Be Waiting 기다릴게요 (OST Fashion King)
Seohyun SNSD – It’s OK Even If It Hurts
Shin Seung Hoon – Words you can’t hear (OST I hear your voice)
Shinee – A.yo
Shinee – Dream Girl
Shinee – Fly High (OST Prosecutor Princess)
Shinee – Green Rain (OST The Queen’s Classroom)
Shinee – Life
Shinee – One
Shinee – Sherlock
Shinee – Why So Serious
Shinjae – Tears are Falling (OST 49 Days)
Sistar – Alone
Sistar – But I love you
Sistar – Give it to me
Sistar – Lead Me
Sistar – Loving U
Sistar – Over
Sistar19 – Gone Not Around Any Longer
Siwon Super Junior – Motnajyo (OST Oh My Lady)
SM Ballad – Really Miss U
SM Town – Hope
SM Town – Hot Mail
SNSD – Baby Baby
SNSD – Baby Maybe
SNSD – Back Hug
SNSD – Chocolate Love
SNSD – Dancing Queen
SNSD – Day by Day (OST Beethoven Virus)
SNSD – Day By Day (Album Version)
SNSD – Dear Mom
SNSD – Express 999
SNSD – Forever (OST Pasta)
SNSD – Gee
SNSD – Hoot
SNSD – How Great is Your Love
SNSD – I Got A Boy
SNSD – Into The New World
SNSD – Lazy Girl
SNSD – Lost in Love
SNSD – Mistake
SNSD – Mr Mr
SNSD – My Child
SNSD – Promise
SNSD – Romantic St
SNSD – Run Devil Run
SNSD – Say Yes
SNSD – Snowy Wish
SNSD – Star star star
SNSD – Sunflower 해바라기
SNSD – Telephaty
SNSD – The Boys
SNSD – Touch The Sky (OST 30.000 miles in search of my son)
SNSD – Vitamin
SNSD – Way to Go
Song Hye Kyo ft John Park – Switch
Song Ji Eun (Secret) – Yesterday
Song Jung Ki – 정말 Jeongmal (OST Nice Guy)
Soohyun ft Hoon U-KISS – Love is Painful
Soyu (소유) – Should I Confess (사랑한 다 말할까) (OST Playful Kiss)
Soyu, Junggigo, Lil Boi Geeks – Some
Soyu, Kwon Soonil, Park Inyoung Urban zakapa – The space betweem (틈)
SPICA – Pain Killer
Standing Egg ft Windy – He said I love you
Starship Planet – Love is You
Sung Shi Kyung – Everyday is Birthday
Sung Shi Kyung – You Made Me Impressed
Sunny SNSD – Finally Now
Sunny SNSD – Your Doll (OST Oh! My Lady)
Sunny SNSD ft Luna f(x) – It’s Me (OST To Beautiful You)
Sunny Hill – Goodbye to Romance
Sunny Hill – Marry Me
Sunny Hill – 두근두근 (Pit A Pat) (OST The Greatest Love)
Sunye Wonder Girls – Maybe (OST Dream High)
SunYe Wonder Girls – 사랑소리 (Sound Of Love) (Feast Of The Gods OST)
Super Junior – Angela
Super Junior –  Bittersweet
Super Junior – Dead at Heart
Super Junior – Endless Moment
Super Junior – Evanesce
Super Junior – Feels Good
Super Junior – From U
Super Junior – Good Person
Super Junior – Good Friends
Super Junior – Happy Together
Super Junior – 하루 Haru
Super Junior – 잠들고 싶어 (In My Dream)
Super Junior – Love Disease
Super Junior – Mamacita
Super Junior – Marry U
Super Junior – Memories 기억을 따라 
Super Junior – Miracle
Super Junior – My All is in You
Super Junior – My Love, My Kiss, My Heart

Super Junior – No Other
Super Junior – Opera
Super Junior – Only U
Super Junior – Sapphire Blue
Super Junior – Sexy, Free, & Single
Super Junior – She’s Gone
Super Junior – Shining star
Super Junior – So I
Super Junior – Someday
Super Junior – Storm
Super Junior – Sunflower 해바라기
Super Junior – This is love
Super Junior – What If
Super Junior – Y
Super Junior – You are The One
Super Junior – You’re My Endless Love
Super Junior KRY – Coagulation
Super Junior KRY – Dreamy Hero (OST The Partner)
Super Junior KRY – Fly (OST K2)
Super Junior KRY – Just You (OST Billie Jean Look At Me)
Super Junior KRY – Loving You (OST Panda and Hedgehog)
Super Junior KRY – 회상 (Reminiscence)
Super Junior KRY – Sky (OST To Beautiful You)
Super Junior KRY – Stop Walking By (OST Snow Flower)
Super Junior KRY – The One I Love (OSY Hyena)
Super Junior KRY ft Park Sae Byeol – Maybe In Love
Super Junior KRY + Donghae Seungmin ft Park Sae Byeol – You and Me again
Super Junior KRY + Seungmin – What if
Super Junior M – Blue Tomorrow
Super Junior ft SNSD – Seoul Song
Suzy Miss A – Don’t Forget Me (OST Gu Family Book)
Suzy Miss A – I Still Love You (OST Big)
Suzy Miss A – So Many Tears (OST Me too Flower)
Suzy Miss A – Winter Child (겨울아이) (OST Dream High)
Suzy Miss A – You’re My Star (OST Dream High 2)


T-ara – Cry cry
T-ara – Day by Day
T-ara – Holiday
T-ara – Hue
T-ara – Lovey Dovey
T-ara N4 –  Countryside life/ Jeonwon Diary
T-ara, The Seeya, 5Dolls, SPEED – Painkiller
T-max ft J – Wish You My Love (OST Boys Over Flower)
Taecyeon ft Nikhun- My Valentine (OST Dream High)
Taeha fy Hwayobi – Stay With Me
Taemin Shinee – U (OST To Beautiful U)
Taeyang – Eyes, Nose, Lips
Taeyeon SNSD- Bye (OST Mr Go)
Taeyeon SNSD – And One (OST That Winter The Wind Blows )
Taeyeon SNSD – Closer (OST To Beautiful You)
Taeyeon SNSD – I Love You (OST Athena)
Taeyeon SNSD – If (OST Hong Gil Dong)
Taeyeon SNSD – Love, That One Word (OST You’re all Surrounded)
Taeyeon SNSD – Missing You Like Crazy 미치게 보고싶은 (OST King Of Two Hearts)
Taeyeon SNSD ft Jonghyun Shinee – Breath
Taeyeon SNSD ft KangTa – 7989
Taeyeon ft Kim Bum Soo – Different
Taeyeon ft Sunny SNSD – 사랑인걸요 (It is Love) (OST No Limit)
Taeyeon ft The One – Like a Star
Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun SNSD – Baby Step
Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun SNSD – Goodbye, Hello
Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun SNSD – Love Sick
Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun SNSD – Twinkle
Takers – Remember Me
Teen Top – Angel
Teen Top – Crazy
Teen Top – Miss Right
Tei – What The Eyes Say (OST Healer)
The One – Best wishes for you (OST Gu Family Book)
The One – Winter Love (OST That Winter The Wind Blow)
The TRAX – Let You Go
Tiffany SNSD – Bcause It’s You (OST Love Rain)
Tiffany SNSD – By My Self (OST Prince Ja Myung Go)
Tiffany SNSD – Ring (OST Haru)
Tiffany, Jessica, Seohyun SNSD – Mabinogi (It’s Fantastic)
Tim Hwang – I Love You
Tim Hwang ft Astrid – Saranghamnida (OST Saranghae)
Togewoerl – Talk to Me
Tony An – With You
Trouble Maker – Now
Trouble Maker – Words I don’t wanna hear
TTS  – Only You


Ubeat – It’s been a long time
U-Kiss – 0330
U-Kiss – Someday
U-Kiss ft Brave Brothers – Finally



Wax – Tears are Falling (OST I Miss U)
Wax – Want to Love (OST At the dolphin bay)
Wonder Girls – I Tried
Woohyun Infinite ft Lucia – Cactus



Yangpa – Love.. What to do (OST A Gentleman’s Dignity)
Ye Eun Wonder Girls – Hello to My Self (OST Dream High 2)
YeonJeong – As I Drew (OST Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
Yesung Super Junior – Blind
Yesung Super Junior – Blind For Love (OST King of Drama)
Yesung Super Junior – Gray Paper (OST That Winter The Wind Blows)
Yesung Super Junior – Love is Really Pain (OST Tazza)
Yesung Super Junior – It Has to be You (OST Cinderella’s Sister)
Yesung Super Junior – Waiting For You (OST Paradise Ranch)
Yesung Super Junior ft Jang Hye Jin – 그대 뒤에 있읍니다 I’m Behind You
Yesung Super Junior ft Luna f(x) – And I Love You (OST President)
Ye Won (Jewelry) & Kwang Hee (ZE:A) – I Can Only See You (OST Protect The Boss)
Yook Seung Jae BtoB ft Oh Seung Hee – Curious (OST Plus nine boy)
Yoon Mirae – Angel
Yoseob – Caffeine
Yoseob B2ST ft EunJi A Pink – Love Day 
Younha – Broke Up Today  우리 헤어졌어요
Younha – It’s Okay 괜찬다
Younha – Man from Stars (OST You are who came from the stars)
Younha – Passionate to me (OST Pinocchio)
Younha – The Real Reason Why We Broke Up
Yozoh – Again and Again (OST Love Rain)
Yuria – Falling in Love (OST Flower Boy Ramyun Shop)


Z’ta – Rainy Sunday (OST Postman to Heaven)
ZE:A – Aftermath
ZE:A – Daily Daily
ZE:A – Phoenix
ZE:A – Watch Out


240 comments on “Index Lyrics

  1. knp gak ada 1 pun lirik FT. Island eonni? hehehe aku request FT. island yang after love dong.. hehehe gamsahamnida eonni ^^

  2. Annyeong..
    Request lirik+translate indo lagu Donghae Super Junior yg jdul.y Gajima OST. Miss Panda And Hedgehog 🙂

  3. Oenni..
    Thanks udh ciptakan blog ini..
    Seneng banget bisa menemukan blog yang menterjemahkan lirik lagu korea ke indonesia.. +mau terima request pula..

    Aq mau request lirik lagunya “big bag – haru haru (day by day)”.. N lagu “u-kiss – someday”..

    D atas ada keterangan cari dulu lirik korea baru d request, maksudnya kita yg cari lirik korea n kasih k oenni, oenni baru translate kan ato gimana?

  4. Eonnie…
    Mohon request boleh kan?
    Saya request lagu Girls` Generation – All My Love Is For You + indonesian translate…
    sama satu lagi Girls` Generation – Day By Day + indonesian Translate..
    Terima kasih kalau sudah mau traslate dan di posting…
    Di tunggu ya Translatenyaa…

  5. eonni… request lirik Huk gak donk yg jadi OST BIG – 한사람_huh gak – one person sama lee seungi – let’s break up…. gomawo ^_^

  6. eonni .. bisa request lirik lagunya Kim Ye Seul (OST. Still Marry Me) Dagagado Doenayo .. sama Love Really Hurts (OST. Tazza) -nya Yesung oppa dari super junior … gomawo ..

  7. Annyeong Eonnie ._.
    hmm..aku slalu nunggu publish dri eonnie :3 krn slain bagiin lirik lagu, jga ngajarin bhasa koreanya U.u krn sering blajar bahasa korea dri blog ini, tingkat bahasa korea aku agak meningkat XD hehehe gamsahamnida 😀
    boleh request gk? Kim Dong Wook – My Hearts Calling(Ost. You’re Beautiful), Jonghyun CN Blue – My Love, Onew ft. Kim Yeon Woo – The Name I Loved….
    itu aja, mian kalo kebanyakan U.u Gamsahamnida Eonnie!
    FIGHTING! Keep Your Health! :*

  8. wah akhirnya aku nemuin juga blog isinya kyak gni. seneng bnget. pngen request dong lagunya joo won my love (ost baker kim tak goo)

  9. chingu bisa req arti lagu super junior yang Deat at heart , i wanna love you , sama lagu lagu B1A4 ya chingu ,, gomawo ^^ mian ngerepotin ^^

  10. Anyeonghaseyo… eonni boleh request lirik 빈털터리 – kan jong wook & byul OST Gloria. tolong yah… soalnya dicari-cari gak ada… gomawo ^_^

  11. Wahhh .. Eonni .. Baru liat Blog ini .. keren Eonni .. 🙂 Like It ..
    Sistar yang baru dong eonni 🙂 heee

  12. keren blog nya baru liat nihh,, bnyk lagu yg ku suka dan bisa jadi learning bahasa korea nya nih… oenni aku copas yaa buat disimpan di catatan korean ku :), kamsahamnida 🙂

  13. admin makasi banget yaa udah mau share lirik lagu lagu korea beserta terjemahannya, ini membantu sekali buat yg mau belajar bahasa korea..
    sekali lagi makasi yaa ^^
    jaya terus yaa buat blog ini 🙂

  14. eonni,translate-nya SoShi yang Gee , Oh! , Genie, sama Into The World donk.. *mian kebanyakan.. Gomawo untuk translatenya selama ini.. {^-^}

  15. Eonii gomawoo…
    Banyak membantu bangeet !!!
    Suka bgt deeh sama blog eoniiiiii……!! XD

    Tapii ko Shinee nya sedikit 😦
    3 lagu terbarunya doong..
    Beautiful, dreams girl, girl girl girl..

    Makasiiiiiii…. XD

  16. Yang Love sick sudah lama di posting. Bisa di cari lewat index lyrics. Kalau Dear Mom, mungkin nanti ya.. bersamaan dengan posting selanjutnya. Terima kasih Kunjungannya^^

  17. eonni pingin lagu exo k yg what is love sma angel… tpi klo eonninya gk keberatan ehehe maap ganggu, yg pasti ska bgt ma blog ini xD

  18. mau request teentop mis right sama nuest yg hallo
    enak enak laguny
    makasih y…
    gara2 adany haerajjang aq jadi tau artinya haru haru bigbang
    thank you…>-<

  19. Eonni, ak reader lama di blogmu, tapi silent reader:(. Eon, ak req llirik dong Lee Hi – Rose kalo gak Huh Gak 1440, terserah eonni deh mau milih yg mana
    Sukses deh buat eonni, makin lama blognya makin rame:)

  20. 언니 나는 린 -곰인형의 가사를 요청합니다.
    Lyn-teddy bear, taeyang – i need a girl ya eon. thanks

  21. Chingu req lagu Taeyeon FT Kim Bum Soo “Different” sama Kyuhyun “A STUDY OF MEMORY” ya Pleasee ^^^

    Kamshamnida Chingu 🙂 ~~~

  22. Chingu, ada beberapa lagu Suju yg belum lengkap, boleh ga’ dari 1jib-6jib yang tidak ada di index, di publish ?

    Mian sebelumnya ngerepotin 🙂
    Gomawo ^_^

    • Mohon maaf Vivi, permintaanya sepertinya akan sulit saya penuhi sebab blog ini bukan blog yang khusus untuk lirik lagu suju saja. Kalau hanya sekedar 1-2 lirik tentu bisa, tapi tidak untuk semuanya. Sekali lagi maaf dan harap maklum.

  23. oh ga’ bisa ya ? soalnya ak mau lengkapkan kumpulan lirik lagu suju, karena kalau di blong ini, translatenya mudah dipahami trus ada kosakatanya juga .

    kalau gitu req suju-superman, suju-mr.simple. Boleh kan ? ^_^

  24. Kak, bleh request gk? Hmm … tolong translate lguny f(x) yg Beautiful Stranger, Let’s Try dan So Into U. Mkasih klu mau nranslate lgu it, Mkasih skli lg ^^

  25. boleh request gak? dana – maybe we ost tothe beautiful dong, shinee – why so serious juga dong, maaf kalo ngerepotin, hehe… gomapshimnida….

  26. Berhubung lagu yang aju req kemarin udah ada di index dan satunya ternyata lagu jepang jadi aku mau ganti dengan lagunya super junior yang don don sama shinee yang stand by me.
    Terima kasih.

  27. Hallo , Request lagu K.Will Yang Fade Out & Hello From Far Away – Younha ( OST The Queen of Office )

    Terima Kasih ^_^

  28. ohh.
    sekalian mau request. Boleh khan requestnya disini.
    request lagunya boyfriend yang boyfriend sama b1a4 yang baby im sory.
    tenang udah aku pastiin kug kalau lagunya ngk ada di index tapi ngk tahu kalau yang baru kaka post.

  29. thanks to admin yaa.. listnya keren.. banyak banget.. jadi ndak susah buat nyari artinya. tinggal lihat di sini.. sekali lagi makasih ya admin.. 🙂

  30. eonni, lgu’a kren2, makasih ya!
    oh ya, req lgu snsd yg run devil run ama genie dong!
    makasih eonni.

  31. eonni, mau req lirik EXO yg di album XOXO dong. yg butterfly girl, baby, baby dont cry, peterpan. *jiahhh.
    kalo bisa sih semuanya eonni. jeongsohago gomabseumnida eonni.

  32. 2bic yg promise donk, soalnya belum ada liriknya 2bic sma sekali disini terus sma sunny hill yg pray, bikin mewek tu lagunya

  33. mau request lagu2nya teentop sialnya ga ada satupun lrik lgunya yg di posting plus nau lirik laguny ledapple yg bad boy
    komapsemida unni

    • Maff Oci, request kamu kebanyakan. Saya cuma bisa dua saja, apalagi pending request nya banyak sekali, dan mungkin agak lama. KAmu bisa cek ketentuannya di ‘Request Lirik’.

  34. eonni.. gomawo atas page nya sgt membantu ^^
    aku mau dicarikan lirik howl-love you sama ss05 nyaa yaaa..
    gomawo ^_^

    • Sama-sama. FYI daftar lirik di atas itu daftar lirik yg udah d terjemahkan sendiri dan di posting, bukan hasil pencarian/browsing. Untuk Ss501 yg mana? saya cuma ada ‘love ya’.

  35. aku mau request lagu-lagu nya VIXX,yang super hero.trus B.A.P badman,sama Zelo ft. bangyongguk never give up.GOMAWO.. =)

  36. 해라씨… request lirik lagunya Kim Hyun joong yg Marry you donk sama Kim Boa – Tears fallin’ (Ost That winter wind blows). 감사합니다. 난 한국어를 노래로 공부하고 있어요 =) (mohon koreksi kalau ada yg salah)

  37. Heello there! I could ave sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after
    checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I found it
    and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!

  38. Salam kenal,
    eonni q bru 3x brkunjung k blog ini, lirik nya bgus2, udh gthu ada indo trans nya jg, jd q g cma bisa nyanyi, tp ngrti jg arti nya. . .eonni keren, , 🙂
    btw, lw eonni g kbrtn, q pgen req lirik lgu n indo trans nya Seeya – Alone,
    kamsahamnida eonni…

  39. Halo haera eon. Blh minta lyrick lagu crayon pop bar bar bar gak? Dan eon latar backgrounnya kan ada yg wrn putih dan hitam, aq gak bs baca lyricknya eon yang di backgroun yg pth.;(

  40. boleh request lagunya super junior yang ‘It’s You’ gak? sama super junior M yang ‘Me’?? sekalian juga dong lagu2nya Henry Lau 🙂 Gomawo ^^

  41. annyeong…:)
    request lyricnya EXO yang 1.Miracle In december 2. Angel
    sama lyricnya davichi yang The Two Of Us..

  42. Hy, aku pendatang baru. seneng bgt sama blog ini. penjelasannya jelas. jadi bisa sekalian belajar. hehehehe oh iya lupa perkenalan.
    Annyenghaseyo, joneun Ardhelia imnida. bangapseumnida.
    oh iya boleh reques lagukah??
    lagunya sountrack 49days -The Scarecrow – Jung Il Woo- & -Forever / Always – Park Bo Ram-. makasih bgt klo bisa di posting

  43. annyoeng…..
    ga ada lirk lagunya kyuhyun ma donghae yaw??!!!
    apa aja dech….
    klo bisa semua lagu yg p’nah dnyanyiin…hehehe

  44. annyeong eonni..
    ni blog kece banget! ini eonni sendiri yang translate??
    oh ya, exo yang baby don’t cry sama two moon nggak ada ya eon?
    kalo gitu request dua lagu itu ya eonni..
    간사합니다! *penulisannya betul nggak eonni?*

    sebelumnya terima kasih dan salam kenal! :))

    • Iya, ini saya sendiri yg translate, dibantu kamus dan crosscheck dg versi english nya.
      Banyak banget yg translate Baby don’t cry. Ku usahaain minggu ini jadi.

  45. Annyeong eonni 🙂
    boleh request gak? Request lagunya Exo yang My Turn To Cry sama Davichi yang The Letter
    Gamsahamnida 🙂

  46. aku dh lama cari OST drama korea yg ditranslate ke INA jd sekalian bljr bhs korea sekaligus bwt hiburan. akhirnya dptnya disini. mksi ya postingannya….boleh request OST dr film IRIS?ada bbrp yg aku blm dpt disini…mksi

  47. Haeraa… Annyeong
    Salam kenal yaaa

    Aku liat di atas belum ada lagunya VIXX ya??? Tambahin dong lagu2nya VIXX. Aku suka sama mereka. Lagu2nya Hyorin sama Ailee juga tambahin ya

    Mian klo banyak permintaan

    Jeongmal Gamsahamnida

  48. 안녕하세요… ^_^ boleh request lirik 2AM – Regret dan 썸 (Feat. 릴보이 of 긱스)…

    terimakasih sebelumnya… ^_^

  49. Anyeong eonnie:)….sebelumnya salam kenal:)
    Aku suka deh blog ini….boleh. Request kan???…kalo gitu request lagunya. Suju yg mamacita ya…gamsahamnida:)

  50. Eonni blog ini bagus banget karena ada translate+kosakata ada kamus kecil yg bisa bantu belajar bakor.lirik lagunya jugajelas ada hangul sama latinnya aku ijin copas kosakatanya ghamsahamnida.salam kenal eonni 🙂

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  59. Anyeong ^^ aku udah lama tau blog ini cuman br bisa ikutan coment sekarang maklum masalah email 🙂 aku suka blogmu ^^ keren bisa nambah wawasan bhs korea ,, gomapseumnida ^^ salam kenal aja coneun mandaimnida 93L ^^ bangapseumnida ^^

  60. annyeong eonni, aku request yang gak ribet ribet deh. menurut eonnie lagu yang bisa bikin kita langsung suka walaupun baru sekali denger dan bikin kita gak bisa berenti ngulang itu lagu apa aja ya? soalnya lagu-lagu disini pada bagus. minta rekomendasinya ya. aku suka banget blog eonnie! aku jadi gak penasaran tentang maksud lagu itu. aku juga jadi bisa belajar bahasa korea lewat kosakata nya. gomaseubnida 🙂

    • apa ya.. ada banyak lagu sih, itu tergantung masing2 selera orang terhadap genre musik berbeda-beda. Ada yang suka R nB, Pop, dance, rap, hiphop, mellow.
      Kalau saya pribadi sih suka lagu dari Soyu yg some, Apink yang Mr.chu juga asik. Kalau lagu lama saya suka J ft Leejung – with tears.

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